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padgett business services,padgett,padgett small biz pros

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Put your Business Experience to Use
as a Padgett Business Services Owner

Padgett Business Services, established in 1966, is North America's premier supplier of small business services. We are known as "The Small Business Experts". With plans to open many new franchise locations in the coming years, Padgett is actively recruiting new franchise owners to help build on our proven formula of success. We offer a successful formula for running your own business...which lends itself to reduced risk with the support system of a solid, experienced company.

padgett business services,padgett,padgett small biz prosPadgett Offers You a Solid Base
Padgett is one of the largest privately owned, small business services firms in the country with a network of over 400 offices in the U.S. and Canada. Thousands of small business owners rely on Padgett for a wide array of business services. In addition to keeping their accounting in order, we take care of their financial reporting, tax preparation, government compliance, payroll services, general business consulting and more. While you do not need experience in each of these fields to succeed with a Padgett franchise, a business background is preferred, and a CPA is a plus.

The Market Potential is Massive
Offering business to business services is a very attractive model.

Today, nearly 90% of all businesses in the United States and Canada are small businesses employing fewer than 20 people.
The total number of small businesses in North America is more than 8.5 million…and expanding.

padgett business services,padgett,padgett small biz prosFor our franchise owners, this translates into a booming market of small business clients just waiting to be tapped. All it takes is your business know-how and experience combined with Padgett’s time-tested system and proven tools. There’s a world of opportunity ready for your big ideas, your expertise and your advice. Small business owners are busy selling and marketing their products and services, leaving them little time to focus on the regular financial challenges of their businesses. As aPadgett franchise owner, you’ll build strong relationships with your clients by providing them with expert business consulting services that help them run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Additionally you’ll be able to keep your clients accounting needs up-to-date, and offer tax preparation services, payroll services and much more.

A Successful Formula
While you’re keeping your clients focused, we’ll help keep you satisfied with the tools, training and support services you need to successfully branch out and reach your goals. First you need to bringyour business expertise, your experience and most importantly, your entrepreneurial ambitions to the table. In return, we’ll provide the right foundation to accelerate your professional growth and success—including instant credibility that comes with the Padgett brand, proven business tools and training to give you a competitive edge, and easy access to a community of seasoned Padgett franchise owners, like the one below:

“My partner and I looked at several other franchises before we chose Padgett. We’ve enjoyed owning Padgett Huntsville for the last nine years, and feel that Padgett is a business to own with a wonderful, supporting home office.”
- Robin Jones, Padgett Franchise Owner

padgett business services,padgett,padgett small biz prosDeep Rooted Advantages Stem from the Padgett System and Operations
Right away, you’ll receive training in Padgett’s Professional Management System to help you run your new business more efficiently. You will learn to deliver timely and effective service to your clients using our fully documented System of Operations. Developed and refined over time, this user-friendly system covers all aspects of practice management and client service. Padgett’s system allows you to improve efficiency, while freeing more time for monthly client consultations, building a winning team and managing your business. And just like our marketing tools and programs, Padgett’s operations tools are continually monitored and updated, ensuring that you, your staff and your clients remain on the cutting edge. If you ever want someone to talk to, if there’s ever a question you can’t answer, a problem you can’t solve, or if you just need a boost of confidence to answer a client’s question, just pick up the phone and call the Padgett support line. We are your foundation, your support, the people you can rely on from the day your ownership goes into effect.

Does the idea of putting your business background to use within a proven system sound interesting to you? If so, you may be a perfect fit for Padgett.

Padgett Business Services
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