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Why choose Federal Direct as your partner for offering tax preparation services this tax season?  Because we are exactly that…Your Partner!  Federal Direct Tax Service is a partnership, not a franchise.  If your tax office is not successful, we are not successful.  Federal Direct Tax Services offers comprehensive tax preparation packages for any size and scope of tax business setup.  Federal Direct’s flexible business model and affordable partnership packages allow for you to determine your level of investment.  Most franchise options require a very significant initial capital investment and years to break even. If you are lucky, it is expected to happen in your 5th year of business.  That is not the case with Federal Direct; we focus on your profitability from YEAR ONE! 

Complete Tax Prep Partnership packages start at $299 and range up to $1,499 depending on your office needs, and the services you determine would be beneficial and profitable within your market.  Federal Direct has been helping set up all different forms of profitable tax offices since 2002 and offers the extensive support your office needs to be successful in this industry. We know the last thing your startup business needs is is a big upfront franchise bill.

Included with your Federal Direct Tax Partnership:

  • Industry leading Professional Tax Preparation Software that is easy to use and easy to learn
  • Tax & Technical Support
  • IRS licensing for electronic filing
  • Bank registration for offering Rapid Refund Options to your customers
  • On-Site refund check printing
  • Complete software and office compliance training
  • Point of Sale Marketing Materials for your office
  • TV, Radio, and print ads for your office
  • Your own business website
  • Marketing Programs to grow your customer base and increase your office’s traffic
  • Assistance with office location selection
  • Off Site Tax office data backup and archival storage
  • Profit Sharing and Partner Bonus Programs

Our Ideal Partner

Federal Direct does not want to give the illusion that starting a tax business is an immediate key to wealth and success, but what we do assert is that with hard work and dedication to our business model and marketing programs, your tax office will be successful and profitable, and will continue to grow year after year from that point.  Federal Direct is looking for motivated self-starters who are willing to put in the time and dedication to make this business a success.  You define the level of success you want to achieve and Federal Direct will help put together and provide the support, training, and marketing tools to get your tax office there!

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