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Blue Coast Financial

Financial/Tax Service Business Opportunity

This is the Smartest Business Opportunity to Operate in the New Economy

That's why we are up 160% in the last year!

There is No Hard Selling! We get paid to give money to our clients! We put money, including stimulus dollars, in the hands of our clients to help them keep their businesses profitable.

We provide pre-set face to face appointments!

Our Conversion Desk does the hard work for you!

The Blue Coast advantage is your key to success…we help you get to your client-You build the relationship- and we help close them and get additional savings services into your client. In no other business will you find this TEAM approach that allows you to just focus on what your good at - building relationships. We take the guess work out if you’ll be successful or not.

We Give Businesses Help, Hope, and Money...What Would You Prefer to Do?

What IF:

  • Your business was giving Cash and savings to company’s and you knew your clients could not lose money doing business with you?
    Your business model allowed you pre-set appointments ready to speak with you?
  • Your business system gave you a team of World Class Professionals to help close your business, allowing you to focus on building strong relationships?
  • Your business was always growing, adding new products and services, allowing you to adapt to the changes occurring in the U.S. economy and providing you with new opportunities?

This is what we have built for the past 8 years and its ready for you to leverage right now!


Making money as a Blue Coast Savings Consultant is as simple as following the system. We've assembled a compelling combination of innovative get-you-in-the-door savings services. Each delivers the dramatic savings prudent businesses need to keep them in business and maximizing their profits. Additionally, Blue Coast’s extensive portfolio of expense recovery and cost-saving services is also designed to provide you with multiple relevant services per client, assuring multiple revenue streams and lasting returns...Not to mention the most dynamic referral program that can give you referrals on your very first appointments!

We even provide face-to-face, pre-set appointments in your local area so there is no cold-calling!


We are able to help companies nationwide, saving and getting them money from past, present and future. .. from Stimulus Services and Commercial Property and Manufacturing Credits to Company Expense Reduction Services and our "Going Green" initiatives.

Blue Coast Gives you over 15 Unique Services (and growing) that are in High Demand for you to Generate Income Immediately

  • Workers compensation review and recovery
  • Cost segregation Studies
  • Research and Development Tax Credits
  • Stimulus services
  • Waste, Telecom, and Utility review and recovery
  • Commercial property benefits
  • Manufacturing credits and stimulus products
  • Green energy programs and services to give you “the future of business”
  • Equipment Leasing, Factoring, and Receivables
  • And More

These are just a few of our services. We’ve assembled the top cost savings services all in one place to make the biggest impact for a clients savings and your wallet. More importantly, we focus on continually adding new services, which is the key to your long-term growth and security.


Only Blue Coast Savings Provides:

Leading Business Services Franchise - Inc Magazines
  • Pre-Set, Face-to-Face Appointments in your local area - no cold calling
  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Conversion Desk to Consistently help Close Your Clients for You
  • "Smart Marketing" and "Marketing-In-A-Box" Systems
  • State-of-the-Art Customer Relationship Management System
  • The ability to work full-time, part-time, or flex-time...all from the comfort of your home
  • The ability to build a sales force for No Additional Cost - We'll Even Train Them!
  • Complete and Ongoing Support in multiple platforms
As Seen in: MarketWatch,, CBS News, Yahoo!Finance, Crain's Detroit Business,,,,, The Wichita Eagle, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Miami Herald, CNBC, CNET News, Hoovers, SFGate, abc News

It's Not About the U.S. Economy, It's About YOUR Economy

At Blue Coast we focus on just that. Success is built on knowing how to leverage any economy no matter if its Good or Bad. WE TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE MONEY WHILE YOUR CUSTOMERS SAVE MONEY!

With years of continued success and our market dominance our savings consultants tell us our Business Model simply works. From the Pre-Set appointments that put them Face to Face with decision makers, to the World Class Closing desk that does all the hard work and shows how each customer can get their share savings or cash. Now add to all this the intensive Marketing Plan that is available nowhere else. Blue Coast teaches step by step how to take you business from your backyard to across the nation.


How do I find my Customers?

We provide pre-set Face-to-Face appointments in your local area. Not to mention the most comprehensive activity training in the industry..our smart marketing program

What if I have limited funds to start a business and maintain it?

Blue Coast provides everything that you need in one place. It is an "all-inclusive" company.

How long will it take me to master the services?

Our Conversion desk helps close your clients for you and even introduces additional services that are beneficial to your client and will help you earn more income.

How do I know I'll be successful?

Our process is the key. It gets you to the clients and converts them for you. You build and maintain the relationships.

Can I work the business alongside my current day job?

Yes, you can work full-time, part-time, or flex-time.

Can I grow my business exponentially?

Yes, a majority of our savings consultants are taking advantage of the historically high unemployment rates and building their sales force of sub-agents, working directly for them, for free. We even train them!

Bottom Line - There's Blue Coast and then There's Everybody Else

If you’ve researched other franchise or business opportunities, you know that it’s not uncommon to pay $40K to $60K for the right to represent just one product or service. Often, ongoing royalty fees must also be paid and no marketing support is provided. Not so with Blue Coast. Instead of requiring an exorbitant upfront investment, limiting your geographic and income opportunities while requiring you to do your own marketing, Blue Coast provides 15 risk-free, high-demand cost-savings services, comprehensive marketing support plus an ROI that few others can claim.

Give Blue Coast a Look Before You Give Anyone Else a Check

For a limited time, you can have your own Blue Coast business, offering all of our in-demand services, for just $19,995! Why is Blue Coast’s fee smaller than most? Because we don’t believe in overcharging our Blue Coast Consultants when they could use that money to help build their own businesses. So join a team of world-class professionals at the top of their game. Work full-time, part-time, or flex-time. Even work from home, if you like. And take advantage of one of the most comprehensive, compelling and rewarding business-to-business opportunities available in America.

Be sure to add us to your request list for more information and to attend our free webinar!

Blue Coast Savings Consultants is a Licensed and Registered Business Opportunity. Blue Coast is not registered and/or offering opportunities in OK or CT

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